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By Tobias Johansson (
and Tor Andrę


2002-04-29: Storch 2.20 released.
Bug fix in TNTSaver.

2002-04-20: Storch 2.19 released.
Support for all EPFL features. Read more

2002-04-05: Storch 2.18 released.
Fixes TNT save bug introduced in 2.17.

Latest version 2.20


- About Storch -

Storch lets you create your own XBlast levels in just a couple of minutes. Design the map and graphics and choose the special properties to customize your own level. Load levels into Storch, edit and save, in 2.6 or TNT format. Storch is a platform-independent Java program, and to run it you should use JDK (or JRE) version 1.2 or later.

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