- Main improvements -

Here is a version history since Storch 2.00 to show the improvements that have been made since last time you downloaded Storch.

  • Some (major) bug fixes in the TNTSaver.

  • Minor bug fix in TNTLoader.

  • Better command line handling.

  • Support for all EPFL features

  • A bunch of bug fixes in the previous EPFL special extra support.

  • Code clean up.

  • Fixed TNT save bug introduced in 2.17.

  • Support for EPFL special extras.

  • Settings dialog.

  • Improved loading of Xblast 2.6 levels.

  • Improved user interface for LevelDoc generation.

  • Better handling of load and save errors.

  • The HTML-code generated by LevelDoc is HTML 4.01 validated.

  • Shrinks now showing in the map design.

  • Graphics painting optimized for faster updates.

  • Drag-and-drop colors in graphics panel.

  • Improved user interface for LevelDoc generation.

  • Possibility to set a name to a LevelDoc archive.

  • Keyboard mnemonics to menus and menu items.

  • LevelDoc HTML pages now shows the start positions.

  • LevelDoc now shows scramble draws and scramble deletes.

  • LevelDoc now shows shrinks.

  • Bugfix in graphics style loading.

  • Some code clean up.

  • First GPL release.

  • Bugfix in graphics style choosing.

  • LevelDoc HTML generation fixed.

  • Handling for quotation marks in title, author and description fields.

  • Some InputStreams are handled in a better way.

  • Better special extra name: previous "Stunned" is now called "Stun others".

  • LevelDoc HTML pages improved.

  • Tool menu, containing useful tools for your levels.

  • New Tool: LevelDoc, a utility that automatically generates HTML documentation of your levels. Intended for publishing on www, allowing other blasters worldwide to have a look at your levels and download them.

  • New Tool: Level converters (Std2TNT and TNT2Std) that converts several levels in one step, without having to load and save each one.

  • Bugfixes: Special bomb images corrected in Standard save, airpump fix in TNT save.

  • Bugfix: playerClick thru now works in TNT save.

  • Improved handling of illegal characters in level title, reference in h-file will still be ok.

  • Bugfixes: game mode load, extra distribution save, initial/revive extra save.

  • Game functions load & save for TNT improved.

  • Extra probabilities correctly rounded off.

  • TNT only bombtypes marked in GUI.

  • Window icon added.

  • Fixed map saving to h-files.

  • Fixed load & save of initial function and game function.

  • Auto-append .xal or .h if missing in save.

  • Fixed some bugs in save dialogs.


Storch 2 is a complete rewrite of the Storch XBlast level creator and includes many new features and a nicer look. These are the main improvements:
  • Support for load and save in both 2.6 and TNT format.

  • Support for more game options (extras, bomb types, shrinks etc).

  • Support for scramble draw & delete.

  • Improved colors: The blocks you design will look the same when playing the level in XBlast. No unpleasant surprises.

  • Better GUI with a nicer look and tooltips to assist in the level editing.

If you have any suggestions for coming versions, please send an email.